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Based on 211 reviews
Does give some heat

I've taken thermos before so my body may be used to the heat with these pills. With that said, even with my body used to it i can acutally still feel the heat every so often especially during my workouts and it doesn't give me a nauseated feeling like other pills did.

Highly recommend

It’s a straight kick in to help out with a boost while working out without that weird slow feeling, highly recommend using this

Boss !

No stack comes close to the boss and nothing will !

I liked the pre

This pre workout wasn’t your typical “off the shelf” product. Sicario not only delivered good pumps but also added a nice focus affect I wasn’t expecting. If your looking to take a break from your high stim pre’s and need something that still is going to deliver in the gym, I would recommend Sicario.

Amazing Stuff

Amazing for beginners , Stuff hits really good on 2 scoops ,, Decent sweat but not disgusting amounts like alot of pres ,, Solid 2 hours of energy & focus , Tastes amazing , Highly recommended


Love the stuff! Fully dosed and gets me right in the zone for PR’s and the pumps are great. 💪🏻💪🏻

Legit Pumps

I’ve tried a lot of supplements in my time and I can say with confidence this is the best stim free preworkout I’ve ever tried.

The pumps are too much at two scoops, can’t even get full range of motion during arm day lol so I use one and a half.

Focus is pretty legit, it’s a weird feeling being focused with no caffeine or stims.

I had the Tigers Blood flavor and enjoyed it, just alittle gritty but I think that’s because of the Glycerpump.

Great product and I will definitely recommend! Still need to stack it with Jefe.

Awesome shaker cup

Love this product!! Durable and very convenient!! Plus the logo is awesome 💀🔥


Fits nice and snug. Very cozy. Could definitely wear this during workouts

Blood flow

The pumps are absolutely amazing! Definitely a must for any workout!

Flavor on point

I have been using EL Jefe since it hit the market and sour gummy has become my new favorite flavor. The Pumps, Focus and Energy continue to be very present after over a year of using El Jefe. The new flavors keep it fresh and make it an easy choice to continue to make El Jefe my pre workout or choice.

ASC Supplements (El Jefe-Pre Workout / Flavor: Orange Creamsicle)

Overall : 4.5 out of 5.... The focus and energy is phenomenal ... It compares to all other top-shelf supplements, if not at the top. I can honestly say in comparison to other supplement brands that ASC is a strong competitor and is definitely making their mark with El Jefe pre-workout in the supplement game. I am always skeptical with new supplements but this one goes above my expectations ! Mixing is dilutes in water very nice and flavor is not over bearing... My flavor choice was (Orange Creamsicle again 4.5 out of 5) Now, to the one thing that personally stands out the most with El Jefe to me is the clean energy feeling during my workout! My body didn't feel like it had to overwork in order to process the pre-workout. In fact, after my workout I still felt the clean energy with a clear thought process in addition to great focus... I will be back for sure!!! Nice work Jake and to all the ASC Team ...

ASC Supplements (Shaker Cup 22oz - Blk) Review

Overall : 4.5 out of 5.... The quality if perfect and the logo...The logo speaks for it self! I loved the added compartment for supplement storage.. Very handy. The shaker cone versus the shaker ball threw me off but none the less gets the job done! Great Job Jake and to the rest of the ASC Team...I will be back for sure...

The boss

I really enjoy this product! Energy, mood, performance all really good! Regardless of how you are feeling that day, once you take this you will be ready and happy for your workout! I’m sold in this product I love it. Only down side for me is that the theobromine is to high so the affects of the product ware off about 2 or so hours. I know that’s so your able to take it anytime and not have to worry about sleep, I personally train mid day so I want it to last the rest of the day. But hey this is great for anybody I roll with the two scoops and feel like a boss for my whole training session! Nice work, I’ll be a return customer for sure.

Great stim free pre. The pumps I get out of this are unbelievable.


It's the best pre workout I've ever had would buy it again


Bro, do you even cyclone cup??

Never heard of Cyclone cup until I came across the ASC website, and I'm glad I did. It's much more optimal for shaking then the whisk ball, and having the ASC logo on the cup is just badass. I also enjoy having the two compartments for storing your intra or post workout, as well as another for your pills.

El jefe

Just like the title states. This prevents workout is the boss. This has been my favorite preworkout since I found it. Thanks ASC.

Great Intra!

I really like this product. It has the EAA's as well as taurine and peak o2. The new peach rings and peach mango flavors are great!

Great product!!!....Great pumps!!!!

Definitely noticed an increase in pump by itself and when added to my pre-workout....great flavor as well.... would definitely recommend and will be purchasing again.

Best combo

Definitely feel good using el jefe has me in a good mood when working out and good energy, really good skin tearing pumps and vascularity from sicario!!!!! Top notch customer service and got my shipment a day earlier then expected. Overall really pleased with these products!

Great customer service!

Sent them an email so I can change the flavor they got back to me the same day they didn’t have a problem with it at all with that alone they gained my business! Sicario got here already I’m stocked to try it! Great great great!

Amazing pumps

The pumps on this product are the best. I’m talking skin splitting, vein pulsating, muscle bulging pumps. I’m not a bit fan of the flavor I choose that’s why I took a star off, but I would definitely get this product again in a different flavor

Awesome Experience

I’ve always wanted to try a high stim preworkout to see what the experience is like. After watching and reading many reviews I decided to give El Jefe a shot. I’ve never tried Alpha Yo before, so I was hoping it wouldn’t interfere with my workout. I took it on one and half scoops and 5 minutes in I got the tingles. I hit legs and for the first time ever I really enjoyed the workout doing heavy sets. It was almost as if I didn’t need my usual 90 second rest between sets. The focus and mood elevation were on point. Great smooth energy throughout the workout, I could’ve kept working out even after the 2 hr leg session. There were no negative effects from the Alpha Yo. Excellent preworkout experience and Im glad I chose El Jefe

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