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Based on 190 reviews
Best combo

Definitely feel good using el jefe has me in a good mood when working out and good energy, really good skin tearing pumps and vascularity from sicario!!!!! Top notch customer service and got my shipment a day earlier then expected. Overall really pleased with these products!

Great customer service!

Sent them an email so I can change the flavor they got back to me the same day they didn’t have a problem with it at all with that alone they gained my business! Sicario got here already I’m stocked to try it! Great great great!

Amazing pumps

The pumps on this product are the best. I’m talking skin splitting, vein pulsating, muscle bulging pumps. I’m not a bit fan of the flavor I choose that’s why I took a star off, but I would definitely get this product again in a different flavor

Awesome Experience

I’ve always wanted to try a high stim preworkout to see what the experience is like. After watching and reading many reviews I decided to give El Jefe a shot. I’ve never tried Alpha Yo before, so I was hoping it wouldn’t interfere with my workout. I took it on one and half scoops and 5 minutes in I got the tingles. I hit legs and for the first time ever I really enjoyed the workout doing heavy sets. It was almost as if I didn’t need my usual 90 second rest between sets. The focus and mood elevation were on point. Great smooth energy throughout the workout, I could’ve kept working out even after the 2 hr leg session. There were no negative effects from the Alpha Yo. Excellent preworkout experience and Im glad I chose El Jefe

Stacked and stacked

Fist day taking the Jefe Sicario stack did one scoop each and it provided consistent energy good strength and focus but didn’t crack me out so much I couldn’t do cardio after. Second day did two scoops each and let me just say jeeeeeezzz. Had me brimming with energy And crazy pump. Still didn’t feel cracked out though, which is great for me. Had me feeling like back when I started lifting years ago. Good shit Jakey boiiiii!

This Stack is Legit!

It's the first time that I write a review for a PW. I tried it for the first time yesterday. At first, it gave me a little bit of a headache and an upset stomach, so I thought It wasn't for me... But, about 30 minutes later, it hit me, and it hit me HARD! I dunno what happened, but I had a sense of well being and I was full of energy. The pumps were amazing and I was so focused. It gave me one of the best workouts in weeks. I will definitely buy this stack again. It deserves all the hype! I just hope that they won't do like other companies and change their formula.

It works

With Caliente you get results plain and simple. Caliente is essential for me when I’m putting on muscle and need to stay lean, dry and cut. Results are what matter and this product delivers.

Sicario Review

Sicario from ASC Supplements:
Hello. The product I will be reviewing is Sicario aka Hitman from ASC Supplements. Please Note, I paid for this product, it was not sent to me. Flavor was quite unique, Orange Creamsicle. Although It did have a slight foamy aftertaste. Foamed up which was ok.
I ended up dosing this at 1.5 scoops. Pumps were on point thanks to the Glycerpump, Citruline & Vaso6. Loved the addition of Lions Mane. This formula is very expensive to make. Jake the owner didn't cut corners with this formula. Highly recommend checking this out if ur in the need for Non Stim Pre

Awesome flavor!

Intense focus, and insane itch, this pre workout continues to deliver. I tried the Gummy Bear flavor for the first time and it is amazing. I stacked this with the Avenge NITRO from their nutricartel site and will definitely buy again soon. Only down side is running out!!

Great pre!!

Awesome product. Hits me within 10-15 mins after taking it. Great pumps. Makes me want to keep goin after I do my workouts.

Fuckin amazing

Hard to leave the gym after taking this shit, good pumps, great focus and mood elevation!

The boss

This is a solid all around pre great pumps amazing energy and mood boost and a decent increase in power out put loved I even got my dad to try it and he had the best work out he's had all year definitely will purchase in the future 10 out of 10 would recommend to a friend

Great Pump and Energy

Great energy and pumps with no crash

Good focus

Good focus and pump. Will be buying again

Lit Pre workout

This pre workout is great it has just the right amount of pump along with a caffeine boost. Also the right amount of beta alanine that gives you tingles but not to much where you start feeling weird. Workouts are great and I like how you can either take one scoop or two scoops. I’ll take only one if it’s a early morning workout vs the mid day where I take two scoops!

Awesome pump with no drag

I have used alot of different supplements in the past, my buddy had some asc supplements in his gym bag and he kept ranting on about it and how I needed to try it. During the first work out I could feel the crazy pump and I loved it. I had to have more. This company puts out some serious product. I recommend this. But dont take my word for it. Try for your self. Also its veteran owned so who doesn't want to support the troops... you? Dont be that guy.

Preworkout Powerhouse

Good energy and the onset is pretty fast. You can definitely feel the DMHA ,caffeine, and yohimbine ! Performance wise you get a nasty pump working sets seemed easier. I pair it with both sicario, bomba, and caliente you’ll be sweating a good amount too

Great product

It was super good! Real tasty and super powerful formula!

Great pump

Amazing pre workout.

No joke formula

Taste is absolutely out of this world. Even better performance during workout. Highly recommended!

Intense Energy & Insane Pump

I have used El Jefe since it first came out, but this is my first time trying the flavor Tigers Blood and stacking it with Sicario. The flavors are on point!! I took this stack 25-30 mins before my workout and felt incredible. Once my initial pump set in (which happened within minutes of starting my workout) I felt like I could lift a bus. All of the weight went up easy for the rest of the workout. I legitimately felt like I could workout heavy for hours. I love this stack and I love this brand.

Also, ASC supplements is constantly improving. Every time I order their products, the process is improved and better than ever, and as always, their customer service is above reproach. If you are on the fence about trying this product for the first time, just buy it. The product will speak for itself.


I have been using ASC Supplements for a while now and have been dying to try their thermo. Just as expected from all of their other supplements Caliente did not disappoint! I have used it prior to doing cardio and it was insane! If you have been looking into a thermogenic, I highly recommend ordering Caliente ASAP!!! I can’t wait to see what they come out with next!

Hell Yeah

Kicks a@$!

Tank Top

Just got it yesterday so no time to try in a gym, but large fits perfectly. All as described. Happy.

El jefe is definitely the boss

I usually drink my preworkouts after putting something small in my stomach and start working out within 15 min of drinking. Lmao, not this time. Went about 5 hours without food, took 2 scoops and sat down and waited to see what would happen. Hands started tingling, foot got to tapping, sense of urgency kicked in and I ran my ass outside to my home gym and hit it hard. This is some dope preworkout. amazing pumps too

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