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    Boss Performance only for those serious about achieving their goals.

    Our Boss Performance Stack includes EL JEFE STIM, SICARIO PUMP, and BOMBA intra-workout.  Both pre-workouts use a 1-2 scoops system allowing you to test out which level is best for you! Some will only do 1+1 each, others will do 2+1 but only those who want to experience something legendary will take 2+2 scoops of each.*

    Not only is this an amazing stack, but its also highly versatile. Including BOMBA in your routine will provide your muscles with the fuel they need to perform at their highest potential. Staying hydrated is necessary during your workout, Bomba has you covered. Bomba also contains an ingredient that may boost nitric oxide levels with your body via a unique mechanism. Using it intra-workout will prolong and increase your pump.*


    The unique pre-workout experience that you have been looking for!



    Tired of pre-workouts being either too weak or too strong? EL JEFE “THE BOSS” STIM pre-workout is our comprehensive formula designed to provide an experience unlike any other. Over a year of formulations resulted in a pre-workout that is a perfect balance of euphoric energy.*

    EL JEFE “THE BOSS” STIM pre-workout will provide insane energy, focus, enhanced performance, and an insane pump.  No matter what time of day you work out, EL JEFE STIM will give you amazing energy, focus, skin-ripping pumps, and increased muscle power output.  You won’t want to leave the gym so plan accordingly!*


    SICARIO is a perfect product to stack with your stim pre-workout.



    SICARIO “HITTER” PUMP PRE-WORKOUT will provide you an insane mind-muscle connection, focus, enhance performance, and an insane skin-tearing pump.  This is a strong pump and nootropic pre-workout that will provide you with a workout powdered by laser focus and intense blood flow. SICARIO increases your pump through 7 different mechanisms and keeps you focused with 4 synergistic nootropic ingredients.*

    This pre-workout was formulated to keep you pumped at the gym, enhance your performance and not keep you up at night.  This is for the times you work out later in the day or you are taking a break from stims. This is also perfectly formulated to be stacked with EL JEFE! If you stack these two products, you will have an unbelievable gym experience fueled with unique energy, ridiculous pumps, and explosive strength.*


    Need a boost in the middle of your workout?



    BOMBA “THE BOMB” INTRA-WORKOUT provides you with everything your muscles need intra-workout. Bomba contains 7 grams of all 9 essential amino acids (EAA), hydration complex with electrolytes, adaptogens and even greens (antioxidants). This comprehensive formula makes BOMBA very versatile.*

    This delicious EAA supplement can be taken in the morning before your fasted workout and not break your fasted state. When taking the EAA's provided in BOMBA, you are providing your muscles with the essentials they need to prevent the breakdown of muscle for protein. BOMBA is especially important to take before fasted cardio as the hydration complex will keep you hydrated and Peak02 will eventually enhance your VO2 Max.*

    Adding these versatile supplements to your regimen will give you an unbelievable gym experience fueled with unique energy, increased VO2 Max, ridiculous pumps, more gains, and explosive strength.* 


    What to expect with BOSS PERFORMANCE STACK:

    • Maximal Strength & Muscular Endurance*
    • Skin-Ripping Pumps*
    • Explosive Energy*
    • Insane Mind/Muscle Connection*
    • Over 7 grams of BCAA’s (2:1:1)+EAA’s*
    • Increased VO2 Max*
    • Antioxidant Spectrum of 29 Fruits, Vegetables, & Herbs*
    • 6 Patented Ingredients*
    • Excellent Flavors!!!*


      Don't take our word for it, check out some of the reviews below from independent supplement experts!*


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        EL JEFE

        EL JEFE is a stim-based pre-workout. The stim blend of El Jefe includes 10 ingredients, including 400 mg of caffeine (300mg caffeine anhydrous/100mg caffeine di malate) and 1.6mg of alpha yohimbine per two scoops.
        EL JEFE is for those who want a good kick of energy, focus, pumps and possibly enhanced athletic performance.


        SICARIO is a stim-free pump/nootropic-based pre-workout. This is for those who want to have the pumps and focus but no stims like caffeine. Maybe it’s a break from caffeine, late workouts or just a focus on the best pumps possible.
        SICARIO is for those who want to have an awesome workout experience without the stims.


        This stack is for those who want the best workout experience possible. This stack is unique in which the experience can be maximized through either 2 scoops of EL JEFE+SICARIO or 1 scoop of SICARIO+ 2 scoops of EL JEFE or vice-versa (never exceed two scoops of either EL JEFE or SICARIO in any 24-hour period).
        This stack may be a highly versatile asset for any fitness enthusiast.


        BOMBA is our complete essential amino acid intra-workout or anytime supplement. Not only does it include all 9 of the essential amino acids, but it also includes ingredients that may aid in hydration, endurance and blood flow.
        BOMBA is for those who are looking for an intra-workout supplement or those who would like a nice anytime supplement for enhanced muscle recovery. 


        This stack is highly versatile as it includes EL JEFE, SICARIO and BOMBA. Have the stim when you need a boost of energy, have the stim-free when you cannot afford to stay up after working out and take the intra when you need an extra boost in your workout. 


        CALIENTE is a stim-free fat burner that utilizes 14 ingredients to enhance thermogenesis, appetite suppression, reduce water retention, calorie wasting, and may regulate thyroid hormones. CALIENTE not only provides a unique formula of ingredients that facilitate weight loss but also doses these ingredients to the absolute max.
        CALIENTE is for those looking to increase calorie wasting, during cardio to provide extra sweat and even a thermogenic source of energy for your workout.


        Demonio is our stim fat burner that utilizes 15 ingredients to increase energy, enhance thermogenesis, appetite suppression, enhance your overall mood and calorie wasting. DEMONIO not only provides a unique formula of ingredients that facilitate weight loss but also provides unique dosages of these ingredients to put your body in the best position to lose weight. DEMONIO may be used during the day to increase calorie wasting, during cardio to provide extra sweat and a source of energy for your workout. 
        DEMONIO is for those looking to increase calorie wasting, thermogenesis, energy and mood boost.


        This stack includes both DEMONIO (Stim) & CALIENTE (Stim Free) FAT BURNERS. Since CALIENTE contains no stimulants, it's perfect to stack with DEMONIO. CALIENTE may amplify the thermogenic effects of DEMONIO as well. Using this versatile stack will have you feeling the heat, causing you to sweat way more, increase your energy, elevate your mood and increase calorie wasting.


        We donate 15% of profits to organizations that combat veteran suicide and provide natural disaster relief. Suicide in the military community has become a huge issue with up to 22 suicides a day. We have dedicated our personal resources to assist in community relief for Puerto Rico/Panama City, Fl from hurricane Maria/Michael. These donations will make a positive impact on these issues.

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        We are veteran owned and operated. Most of our team consists of military veterans who have served in all branches!


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